August 2011

Pricing homes is part art and part science. It involves comparing similar properties, tracking market trends and possessing the knowledge of making adjustments for their differences. It doesn't matter how much you feel your home is worth because in the end, it is the buyer's opinion that matters most! When your home is priced right from the onset, you maximize your opportunity for reaching the most qualified buyers.

3 Factors

Market Activity and Time
A home often receives its best exposure and highest return during the first three to five weeks on the market.

Targeting the Right Buyer
Today’s buyer is well informed. They know what market value is in their price range. Competitive pricing target these buyers

The Pricing Process
Pricing is not based on appraised value, assessed value, or the financial needs of the seller. Rather, it is based on the amount a buyer is willing to pay, which is determined by current market value.

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- Sam