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8233 Government Rd Youtube Video

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6780 Stanley St Youtube Video

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A picture says a thousand words. Now, this is especially true when there is an increasing number of home buyers who utilise the Internet as a main tool for pre-screening their ideal home. Good home photography will pique their interests and attract them. On the other hand, many will not even bother with the descriptions when photos are absent from the advertisement. Currently with so many other listings and competition online, even the loveliest homes with poor photography cannot hold a candle.

Here are some tips you can use to enhance your home photography!

  • Ensure your house is clutter-free! The extra space will make your house look bigger.
  • Make sure you have pictures of almost every room. This will aid buyers in their virtual "pre-tour" around the house.
  • Lights, lights, lights! Lighting is crucial in good quality pictures. The last thing we want is for the potential buyer to frown at dimly-lit photographs, trying to make out details in the dark.

1502 Dublin Street


Now, with that being said, do you need to be a professional photographer to take sales-worthy pictures? Not necessarily! Even though we would love to give the public the best impressions through the picture gallery online, we also do not want to create unrealistic appearances. As long as your picture projects your house in the best positive light (literally), playing with angles and photoshop-ing are not the most essential!

Snap away!